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Porsche 991 Exhausts 2012 Onwards

Porsche 991 - Exhausts - 2012 Onwards

  • 991 Carrera S Large Bore Stainless Stiil Twin Tail Pipes 2012-Onwards


    In Stock In Stock
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT 991 3.8L Carrera Secondary Silencer Bypass Pipes 2012-Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Delets 2nd Rear Silencer boxes & reduces weight by +10Kg on rear fo car
    £659.99 inc VAT £549.99 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket All models 2009-Onwards ( Not Handed )


    In Stock In Stock
    For All Models 2009 onwards, except GT2 & GT3
    £19.79 inc VAT £16.49 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Manifold Torque Screw OE Porsche All models 2009-2016


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    OE Porsche Screw. Sold Each (1) 18 per car
    £1.99 inc VAT £1.66 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Rear Silencer & Center Box Clamp 65mm All Models 2010-Onwards


    In Stock In Stock
    Sold Each (1) For; Cayenne Centre & Rear Silencers (4) Macan Cat Down Pipe (1/2) Panamera Cat Down Pipe (1/2) 997 & 991 Rear Silencers (1/2)
    £32.99 inc VAT £27.49 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Silencer clamp sleeves (Pair) Cayenne Panamera Macan 911 997 991 Carrera


    In Stock In Stock
    Sold per pair (2) these 65mm clamps fit at each end of the center exhaust pipe to connect the cat pipes and rear silencer boxes.
    £49.49 inc VAT £41.24 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Stainless Nut & Bolt Set 996 & 997 & 991 Carrera Boxster & Cayman 1997-O


    In Stock In Stock
    Contains; 12x Stainless Steel Manifld to Head Flange bolts and 6x sets of Manifold to Cat Pipe nuts & Bolts ( Generic picture )
  • Exhaust System Manifold to Cat Nut & Bolt Kit All Models 1965-Onwards (6 sets)


    In Stock In Stock
    For All system Joining Flanges. Includes 6x Flange Nuts & 6x Stainless Flange Bolts (6 sets in total ). Note. dose not include Head to manifold Flange Bolts (sold seperately)
  • M8 Time Sert Thread Repair Kit. Intake & Exhaust. All models 1965 Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    For exhaust & inlet port studs on all cylinder heads where the threads have been damaged, or to recover from an already improper repair, we have developed this steel Insert kit so you may use the tool to insert a Time-Sert and save an otherwise ruined head. Kit includes long & short drill, counter-bore, tap, insert tool, and 10 inserts, two drill jig bushings to guide the drill and tap. Can be used on All models 911, 924, 944, 968, 928 1965 to 1998 and on later 911 / Boxster & Cayman water cooled models to replace exhaust bolts after drilling & repairs. Kit can be used time & time again by just ordering more inserts. ( Note. Studs & locking nuts are available separately )
  • Manifold / Cat to Centre Box Gasket All Carrera models 2009-Onwards


    In Stock In Stock
    For All Gen2 997 Models 2009 onwards, except 997 Turbo & 997 GT3
    £10.98 inc VAT £9.15 ex VAT
  • Porsche 996 Carrera 2 911 C4 C4S GT3 Stainless Tail pipe Exhaust Clamps x2 Pair


    In Stock In Stock
    For All 911 / 996 Carrera 2, C4, C4S & GT3 Models. Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips Clamping rings high quality Pair (2)
    £17.99 inc VAT £14.99 ex VAT
  • Porsche 997 GT3 & GT3 RS Stainless Exhaust Manifolds (Without Cats) 2005-2012


    In Stock In Stock
    304 Stainless Steel Matched High Flow Manifolds. These are a direct replacement and fit directly onto the OEM Silencer System. Complete with O2 sensor holes. All GT3; 3.6L / 3.8L & 4.0L & GT3 Cup. (Also fits 991 GT3 Cup cars)
    £1,199.99 inc VAT £999.99 ex VAT
  • Rear Silencer Strap OEM Stainless Steel Turbo 2000-2012 & GT3 2005-On


    In Stock In Stock
    £82.49 inc VAT £68.74 ex VAT
  • Stomski Racing Exhaust Manifold Stud Repair Kit All models 2009-Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    For the current generation of Porsche DFI Engines on 911/997/991/ Boxster & Cayman. (9A1) heads on the water-cooled engines are reporting broken exhaust bolts. Tasks ranging from a simple exhaust system update through an engine removal, are consistently plagued by snapped, rusted, and broken exhaust manifold bolts. Rarely can an accurate removal of the broken bolt be performed with the engine in the car, and even after removal, the task is time consuming and if not done carefully can lead to a damaged head or faulty repair. STOMSKI RACING's answer to these problems is the SR069, a kit that easily, accurately, and flexibly allows you to drill out the broken bolts - with the engine still in the car- saving time and headaches. A CNC milled plate indexes precisely off the broken bolts and/or bolt holes. Using our uniquely designed Thumb Screws, the SR069 plate is locked in place (by threading a Thumb Screw over a broken bolt or by using a supplied bolt threaded through the SR069 Thumb Screw). With the included pilot drills and drill guides, the faulty bolt can be drilled out, producing a perfectly perpendicular and centered hole that if necessary can be chased with an included M8x1.25 tap. Kit includes anodized aluminum fixture, drill bits, tap with extension, drill jigs/guides, Thumb Screws, and hardware in a sturdy storage case. Also includes our SR065D drill guide.
    £439.98 inc VAT £366.65 ex VAT
  • Tail Pipe Clamp All Models 2010-Onwards Sold Each ( 2 per Car)


    In Stock In Stock
    For All Carrera & Panamera Models 2009 onwards, except 911 Turbo or GT3
    £32.99 inc VAT £27.49 ex VAT
  • Wiper Arm Flange Lock Nut Also for All Exhausts & 911 Engine case (Sold Each)


    In Stock In Stock
    Size M8 (13mm)