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Porsche 911 Engine Upgrades & Rebuild Kits 1963 to 1989

Porsche 911 - Engine Upgrades & Rebuild Kits - 1963 to 1989

  • 911 2.7L & Carrera 3.0L SC CSI Air Box 1974-1983 ( Not Turbo )


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Lower section of the Bosch K jet Main Air box. Prone to Backfires
    £494.99 inc VAT £412.49 ex VAT
  • 911 G50 Gearbox Link coupler adapter 1987-Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    This plated steel adapter allows our G50 Precision Shift Coupler (SR060) to simply be bolted onto the stock shift tube without having to weld or modify the tube. Unlike the stock factory coupler, when the SR060 and SR061 are combined, the shifter can be set fore and aft, as well as side to side- allowing for exact synchronization, and a custom setup. Great for both street and track.
  • 911, 930, 964 & 993 Cam Carrier Oil Housing Block Off Plate 1965-1998


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    Use this plate to block off the power steering pump opening on the cam housing on 964 or 993, or for oil and injection pump openings on 930 Turbo's & earlier 911 E & S models. This plate is custom designed to allow for both standard and non-standard cams. Anodised aluminium. Sold Individually.
    £92.39 inc VAT £76.99 ex VAT
  • 911R & RSR Style Solid Engine & Transmission Mounts (2) fits Porsche 1965-1989


    In Stock In Stock
    911 RSR (IROC) Solid Billet Alloy. Ideal for Fast Road & Track Race & Rally. Used on Both the rear engine support and Gear Box Cross Member ( Sold per pair )
    £164.99 inc VAT £137.49 ex VAT
  • Air Box Pop Off Valve Porsche 911 2.7 & 3.0 SC 1974-1983 Valve K-Jet Back Fire


    In Stock In Stock
    Available for all K Jet Injection 911 Engines. A back fire can cause the airbox to destroy itself. This simple D.I.Y conversion will save money & inconvenience. A New Porsche Air Box is £300 aprox + Fitting.
    £54.98 inc VAT £45.82 ex VAT
  • Billet Alloy Rally Sump Cover with Drain bung Plug 911 & 930 Turbo 1965-1981


    In Stock In Stock
    For All Models 1965 to 1981. Replace Steel sump plate with Strong lightweight Alloy version with Drain Bung. Extra fins for additional cooling. Ideal for Historic Competition. Includes Gaskets
    £65.99 inc VAT £54.99 ex VAT
  • Boost Control Kit


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Recommended for use with 1 bar Wastegate. Change your boost level from the cockpit of your car with this kit. . Also works with single port wastegates. Once you set your desired boost level, you can lock in position.Kit Includes:Adjustable Boost Regulator , Fittings ,Thick Silicone Tubing , Universal Mounting Backet & Installation Instructions
    £122.09 inc VAT £101.74 ex VAT
  • Boost Spring 911 Tbo


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Designed to increase the boost pressure from 0.8 to 1 bar. This is an ideal performance upgrade and is often fitted in conjunction with exhaust upgrades.
    £141.98 inc VAT £118.32 ex VAT
  • Chain Tensioner Kit Left & Right Bank Porsche 911 & 930 Turbo 1965-1989 OEM Part


    In Stock In Stock
    Upgrade for standard tensioners to Oil Fed hydraulic Type. Greatly improves durability & longevity of chains. Includes New Covers. 1965 to 1989
    £1,099.98 inc VAT £916.65 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Crank Case Breather ( K&N Type ) Chrome top 10-15mm inlet


    In Stock In Stock
    Small Cotton Gauze Filter ideal for Crank case Breather & air intake bypass pipes. aprox 40mmx50mm with small rubber inlet 10mm -15mm pipe.
    £19.79 inc VAT £16.49 ex VAT
  • Front Oil Cooler Porsche 911 3.0L SC 3.2L Carrera & 930 Turbo 1980-1989


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    OEM Oil Cooler Matrix for Later cars. Can be retro fitted to Earlier 911's
    £385.00 inc VAT £320.83 ex VAT
  • LOCTITE 574 Crank Case Sealent OEM 50ml for Porsche Crank Case Sealent


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Loctite 574 is the Porsche preferred sealant for assembling your Porsche engine case. Loctite 574 remains liquid when exposed to air, but cures when confined between mating engine surfaces.
    £44.99 inc VAT £37.49 ex VAT
  • Mechanical Tensioner Kit Stomski Racing All 911 1965-1989 & 930 Turbo 1974-1994


    In Stock In Stock
    Specially designed and fabricated mechanical tensioners to set cam timing, or as a bullet-proof alternative to pressure fed or hydraulic tensioners for racing. CNC machined from 6061 aluminium and anodized for protection, these will become an integral part of your tool box or race engine. Complete with tensioning bolts, locking nuts, and spacers.For Both Banks. Set of Two
    £109.98 inc VAT £91.65 ex VAT
  • Oil Pressure Warning Light for Clock replacement Red & Billet Alloy R & RSR


    In Stock In Stock
    Low Oil Pressure Indicator Light All PORSCHE 911 / 964 / 993 & Turbo Models. Specially designed to replace and fit in place of the dash mounted clock - 80mm Dia. Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Bezel and bright warning light. Includes wiring to redirect from original oil pressure indicator gauge. Specially designed to get your attention when driving to avoid engine damage on low engine oil pressure. Ideal for Historic Race & Rally cars
    £137.48 inc VAT £114.57 ex VAT
  • Porsche 911 2.7 & 3.0 SC & 930 Turbo Blanking Plugs 1974-Onwards


    In Stock In Stock
    Available for all K Jet Injection system engines. Emission exhaust blanking plugs enable you to remove the air pump assembly thus improving horsepower without detriment to the engine
    £17.96 inc VAT £14.97 ex VAT
  • Sachs Performance 240mm Clutch Kit Porsche 944Turbo 968 964 993 996/7 Turbo /GT3


    In Stock In Stock
    Sport driving demands the best products. Sachs have developed Power Clutch, a heavy duty organic clutch kit system with street manners & racetrack brawn. Features increased torque capacity. Pressure plates are engineered with increased clamping force & the driving disc incorporate linings with increased coefficient of friction. Kit includes Disc, Pressure Plate and Release Bearing. Note. Please use the Model Year & Model Drop down boxes in checkout when ordering. Note. Not for 996 or 997 Carrera based models.
    £1,319.99 inc VAT £1,099.99 ex VAT
  • Semi Solid Billet Engine & Transmission Mounting Bushes 911 / 930 Turbo 1965-89


    In Stock In Stock
    By using computer engineering and digital design STOMSKI RACING has developed the FIRST truly symmetrical 911 Semi-Solid Engine/Transmission Mount, thus allowing you to run stiffer mounts without sacrificing comfort or ride quality.  Our symmetrical design allows you to custom tune your ride- determining feel, function, and fun.  We provide 3 different durometers of inserts that allow you to custom tune your ride, now, and later if your application might change.  Because our SS mounts are SYMMETRICAL, you can now properly use them either as an engine mount OR inverted as a transmission mount. Unlike other non-symmetrical SS mounts, there is no compromise when using SR016 inverted as a transmission mount because SR016 is symmetrical and thus FULLY supports and FULLY absorbs in BOTH positions/directions. Road tested and track proven, STOMSKI RACING's SR016 provides better shifting, better weight transfer, better handling, crisper throttle response, better acceleration, and of course GREAT looks, without any loss of comfort.  Mounting  comes complete with an  aluminium housing, stainless steel sleeve and disks spacers & a M12 Schnorr washer. Sold as 1 Pair (2x Mountings)
    £263.99 inc VAT £219.99 ex VAT
  • Spark Plug Super4 All 911 1965-1983 / 924 2.0L 1976-1985 Fits Classic Porsche


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    Bosch Multi electrode plugs for a better spark & longer life
    £10.98 inc VAT £9.15 ex VAT
  • Starter Motor High Torque All 911 SC Carrera & Turbo Models 1965-1989


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Reduced gearing, produces high-torque yet is lighter in weight. As much as 200% more cranking power, Uses up to 50% less current than many original units. Fits all 911s from 1964 to the end of the 1989 model year, ideally suited for All models including early cars & race cars
    £395.99 inc VAT £329.99 ex VAT
  • Valve Rocker Cover Late Porsche Carrera & Turbo Type (not handed) All 1965-1989


    In Stock In Stock
    Original valve covers leak around the gasket seals. This is because the magnesium has a different coefficient of expansion to the aluminum heads. The result is a gap that develops when hot, along with a leak. Fix the problem by installing the later type aluminum Turbo valve covers. Sold Each ( 2 per car )
    £131.99 inc VAT £109.99 ex VAT