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Porsche 997 Gen 1 Engine Induction 2004 to 2009

Porsche 997 Gen 1 - Engine Induction - 2004 to 2009

  • 82mm EuroCupGT Cold Air Intake Pipe Kit for 82mm & X51 Throttle Body Kit Only


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    EuroCupGT high flow intake pipe kit for use when fitting a EuroCupGT 82mm GT3 throttle body & plenum kit to a standard Carrera & Carrera S plastic air box. Note. Not for Standard cars. Only for cars using the Larger 82mm GT3 & X51 Throttle Body
  • 82mm GT3 & GT4 Throttle Body Use on x51 & EuroCupGT Power upgrades 2000-On


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    OEM Larger GT3 Throttle Body. ( Also used on Other inc Turbo & GT4 Models ). Can also be used on all engine upgrades in conjunction with the correct Plenum. Also used on all EuroCupGT 82mm Large Throttle body kits.
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • 996 & 997 Carrera 2 4 2S & C4S X51 EuroCupGT GT3 82mm Throttle body & Plenum kit


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    EuroCupGT Plenum & 82mm GT3RS throttle body Kit comes complete with gasket. This kit allows you to have the GT3 / X51 throttle body on your 996 & 997 Gen-1 Carrera & Carrera S / 4S. Fits all "Fly by Wire" Carrera models: 3.4, 3.6 & 3.8 years 2000 to 2009. This performance upgrade is designed to replace your standard 74mm throttle and was designed in conjunction with the EuroCupGT Carbon Y Pipe Intake kit. Will work just as well on standed Engine Maps, right through to fully developed big bore engines. Note. When using with Standard Carrera plastic air intake filter box you will need the EuroCupGT High flow Cold Air Intake pipe kit. See seperate Listing. Please call for a fitted price; 0121 585 6088
  • 997 Turbo & GT2 High Flow Cold Air Alloy Intercooler set of Two 2005-2012


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    As you step up the power level on your Turbo, having proper cooling efficiency is mandatory to maximize your turbo performance. heavily benefit from the use of upgraded intercoolers. Developed these complete intercooler replacements, however some Modification to the plastic housing is required to fit these intercoolers. The cast end tanks are aluminum & then precision welded to the thick racing upgraded cores. The ends of the intercoolers are designed to work with factory boost hose fittings or silicone boost hose kit. The intercoolers retain the factory mounting positions and come in a polished finished. The intercoolers fit all Porsche 997 TT and GT2 Models Dimensions: Thickness: 80mm, Volume over standard intercooler: +40% Efficiency: +85%, Flow rate: 620 CFM ,Pressure Drop: less than 1% Use Up To 750+HP
    £1,510.08 inc VAT £1,258.40 ex VAT
  • Agency Power GT2 997 Turbo Increased Performance Throttle Body & Plenum intake


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    Larger GT2 throttle body & plenum kit for the Porsche 997 Turbo to gain added performance. The point of a larger throttle body is to get in more air. The more air, the more power you make. The plenum kit includes Larger throttle body, (Standard is 75mm). Since most 997 Turbo users drive their car on the street and track, we developed this product to substantially increase throttle response and improve "usable" power. The T plenum features the stanard fittings for vacuum hoses & breather lines & includes a 1 way check valve needed. The installation requires removal of the factory airbox & Y pipe for access & takes approximately 2 hours. DOES NOT require the ECU to be remapped . The factory ECU will adjust accordingly to the change in throttle body diameter. However, corresponding mods including an ECU remapp will bring out additional power. As it stands alone, the plenum kit will add a bolt on 20 wheel horsepower to your Porsche 997 Turbo.
    £1,319.99 inc VAT £1,099.99 ex VAT
  • Agency Power Manual Boost Control Kit


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    Manual Boost Controller for your turbocharged vehicle. Designed with performance, fitment, & style in mind, the AP MBC Gives turbo vehicles much need horsepower with a couple of easy twists of the unique adjustment knob not seen on any other manual boost controller. How does it? Simple! A bleed valve design, which has you connecting the hoses on either side to the compressor & the wastegate of the turbo. The MBC controls the airflow through the valve by the adjusting knob. Loosen the knob & more air moves for higher boost pressure. Tighten the knob down & restrict the flow for less boost pressure. The AP MBC includes 2 feet of 5/32 vacuum tubing, a flexible aluminum bracket that bolts to the MBC & has predrilled holes for universal fitment. For 996 & 997 Turbo Models.
    £116.16 inc VAT £96.80 ex VAT
  • Agency Power Uprated Turbo Diverter Valve for all 997 Turbo & GT2 Models


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    These OEM Boost Recirculation Valves (BRVs) for the Porsche 997 Turbo VTG turbochargers. Like on the older 996TT, the stock valves use a rubber diaphram which will leak boost on the higher RPM. This part also deteriorates over time leading to boost failure. Agency Power BRV uses a piston & spring design. This design holds boost pressure all the way to redline & with the VTG design, helps boost come in stronger.CNC machined, the base of the valve was precision engineered down to the ten-thousandth to fit into the stock VTG turbocharger. Inside the base is an aluminum piston that has been 3D machined. This piston is hard anodized & with the provided grease & o-rings, provides an air tight seal as the piston moves up & down. Agency Power spring rate will handle stock boost or high horsepower cars.
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • Air Filter 997 GT3 RS 4.0L & GT3 Cup 2009-2012 Sold Each (1) x2 per car


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    £219.98 inc VAT £183.32 ex VAT
  • Air Intake Scoop Left All Carrera Models & GT3


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    Additional scoop for EuroCupGT Y pipe kit. Can be use on Aero kit/ GT3 spoiler Lids, X51 engine lid or composite engine lids which can be modified for the scoop to fit.
    £65.99 inc VAT £54.99 ex VAT
  • Air Intake Scoop Right All Carrera Models & GT3


    In Stock In Stock
    Additional scoop for EuroCupGT Y pipe kit. Can be use on Aero kit/ GT3 spoiler Lids, X51 engine lid or composite engine lids which can be modified for the scoop to fit.
    £65.99 inc VAT £54.99 ex VAT
  • Alloy Plenum for 78mm & 82mm GT3 Throttle Body 1997-2009


    In Stock In Stock
    Comes With Gasket. Ideal for Racing
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • ARP Crank Case Stud Kit Porsche 996 & 997 Turbo GT2 GT3 GT3RS & Cup 1999-On


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    Crank Case Head Stud kit for All 996 & 997 Turbo & GT3 Models inc 991 Cup
    £1,099.98 inc VAT £916.65 ex VAT
  • ARP Head Stud Kit All M96 /M97 996 997 Carrera Boxster & Cayman models 1997-2009


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Full Uprated Head Bolt Kit. Ideal for Standard & Race Engines. Note. Not for 996 & 997 Turbo or GT3 Models. See other listing
    £824.99 inc VAT £687.49 ex VAT
  • ARP Mains Bolt Kit All M96/M97 996 997 Carrera Boxster & Cayman models 1997-2009


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    Full Uprated Mains Bolt Kit. Ideal for Standard & Race Engines. Note. Not for 996 & 997 Turbo or GT3 Models.
    £263.99 inc VAT £219.99 ex VAT
  • Blow Off Valves to Air 997 Turbo & GT2 (3 Tuning Boost Springs) Pair 2005-2012


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    ston Diverter bypass valves 50/50 to air ( BOV  Pop Off Valve )  Direct replacement for the original fitment in rear of Turbo Housings. Clears factory wheel arch housings so no cutting needed!  Easy DIY Fit. Note; These type give a "pop off" valve sound!! Kit Includes: 2 x Valves 2x Uprated Yellow, Blue & Red springs.
    £263.99 inc VAT £219.99 ex VAT
  • BMC Filter 997 Turbo & 997 GT2 2005-2012 / 997 GT3 2010-2012


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Hi flow cotton air filter, better throttle response & hp, washable. Fits Turbo, GT2 & GT3 models. OEM On GT3 Cup & some F1 Teams.
    £239.99 inc VAT £199.99 ex VAT
  • Deep Sump Pan Oil Baffle Kit Porsche 996 997 Carrera Boxster & Cayman -2009 X51


    In Stock In Stock
    OEM Porsche X51 Kit. Extra capacity of 0.5L & Anti Surg. Ideal for All Motorsport & Fast Road Applications or Engine Rebuilds. Note. Not for Generation 2 Models made after 2009
    £527.99 inc VAT £439.99 ex VAT
  • Duel Cone Powerflow Filter for EuroCupGT Intake Kits ( Large Type )


    In Stock In Stock
    EuroCupGT Carbon Intake kit replacement fillter. Fits All 75-90mm Applications. Note. (Not for for 993 RS or 996/997 GT3 Cup. See other Listing)
  • EuroCupGT 997 Carrera / C2S & C4S Cold Air Induction Kit with Filter 2005-2009


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    The EuroCupGT Cold Air Kit gives +10HP & better throttle response. 20% more cold airflow from outside engine compartment. More airflow= more power and improved sports car sound with Performance Air Filter. All 3.6L & 3.8L Carrera 2/4 & 2S/4S Models 2005 -2009
    £164.99 inc VAT £137.49 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT 997 Cold Air Induction Kit (Without Filter) 2005-2009


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    Cold Air Kit gives +10HP & better throttle response. 20% more cold airflow from outside engine compartment. More airflow= more power and improved sports car sound, Ideal with Performance Air Filter
    £93.48 inc VAT £77.90 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT 997 Turbo & GT2 Intercooler kit Fits 2005 to 2011


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Made completely from high quality Billet Aluminium, these kits are 30% larger than the standard plastic / alloy core units and increase flow rate by as much as 60% Direct fit replacement for existing Turbo cars, they are Ideal for fast road, performance modified cars or Motorsport applications. Can be used with Standard rubber or Silicone hose kit. Price per pair.
    £1,447.64 inc VAT £1,206.37 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Carbon Air Box for Porsche 997 Turbo & 911 GT2 2005-2012


    In Stock In Stock
    Direct replacement Carbon Fiber Air Box. This new EuroCupGT Carbon Fiber Airbox has large diameter inlet openings for improved airflow while adding a distinctive look.
  • EuroCupGT Cotton Panel Filter for 996 & 997 Carrera, S & C4S 1998 to 2009


    In Stock In Stock
    Replacement Cotton Panel Filter for 996 & 997 Gen-1 Carrera, Carrera S & C4S models 1998 to 2009
    £71.50 inc VAT £59.58 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Crank Case Breather ( K&N Type ) Chrome top 10-15mm inlet


    In Stock In Stock
    Small Cotton Gauze Filter ideal for Crank case Breather & air intake bypass pipes. aprox 40mmx50mm with small rubber inlet 10mm -15mm pipe.
    £19.79 inc VAT £16.49 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Porsche 997 Turbo Billet Alloy Turbo Recirculation Dump valves ( PAIR


    In Stock In Stock
    The piston design recirculation ( dump ) valves are a direct replacement for the original fitment. These valves give greater longevity & come with 2 spring ratings; 1Bar and 1.2 Bar. These will be required before a re map is performed to support the boost pressure required. easy 3 bolt installation with screw top for spring interchangability.
    £220.00 inc VAT £183.33 ex VAT
  • GT3 Cup Exhaust Cam Shaft set Porsche 997 GT3 / RS & 997 Turbo / GT2 2005-2012


    In Stock In Stock
    Direct Fit OEM Static Timing Cup Exhaust Cams, Ideal for GT3 Engine Rebuilds & Performance Tuning Upgrade on 997 Turbo / GT2 Models. Sold as a pair (2)
    £878.89 inc VAT £732.41 ex VAT
  • Joining Hose for 82mm / GT3 Throttle Body onto MAF K&N & EuroCupGT Intake


    In Stock In Stock
    Joiner ( Reducer) from 76 to 82mm for Large GT3 82mm Throttle Body. Fits Most Induction kits inc K&N and EuroCupGT. Also GT3 Cup Maf & Plenum
  • K&N Air Filter 996 & 997 Carrera / C2S & C4S 1998-2009


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Designed to increase horsepower & acceleration while providing excellent filtration. Washable & custom designed to fit into factory air box
    £109.98 inc VAT £91.65 ex VAT
  • K&N Air Filter 996 GT2 GT3 & Turbo / 997 GT3 1999-2009


    In Stock In Stock
    Hi flow air filter, better throttle response & hp, washable. Fits 996 & 997 GT3 ,plus 996 Turbo & GT2 models
    £109.98 inc VAT £91.65 ex VAT
  • K&N Induction Kit Porsche 997 GT3 / GT3RS 2005-2012


    In Stock In Stock
    Gain of nearly 25 hp K&N tested a 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 3.6L on our in-house dynamometer. An increase of 24.65 hp @ 6726 RPM. Dramatically reduces intake restriction & smooths & straightens airflow. So the engine uses a larger volume of air than the OEM assembly. More air means more power & torque. System uses a conical shaped, carbon fiber top, high-flow air filter & powder coated two-piece aluminum heat shield. For 3.6 & 3.8 GT3 Models
    £299.99 inc VAT £249.99 ex VAT
  • K&N Intake Kit 996 & 997 Carrera Gen-1 All 1998-2009


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    Porsche intake system is restrictive, dyno tests have shown this adds upto 23 hp. The intake tube provides a direct, unrestricted path to your engine for maximum airflow.
    £527.99 inc VAT £439.99 ex VAT
  • OEM Porsche 78mm Large Throttle Body Cayenne & Panamera & 996 GT3 / RS


    In Stock In Stock
    OEM Porsche Electronic Throttle body to replace faulty or worn unit. Standard on; Cayenne & Panamera V8 & Turbo Models models & 996 GT3 / GT3RS Models 2000-Onwards. Note Can also be used with Carrera Boxster & Cayman Induction Plenum Kits.
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • Performance Air Filter Cleaner & Re-Oiling Kit All K&N BMC & EuroCupGT Filters


    In Stock In Stock
    Suitable for all performance panel and cone filters included in this section.
    £22.00 inc VAT £18.33 ex VAT
  • Porsche Center Radiator Kit for all 987 Boxster, Cayman & 997 Carrera 2005-2013


    In Stock In Stock
    Retro fit kit for All 987 Boxster, Cayman & 997 Carrera 2 / 2S, 4 / 4S & GTS Gen-1 & Gen-2 Models to add a third center radiator. Ideal for cars in hot climates, fast Road or Trackday Use. Reduces water running temperature by upto 60°F and protects your engine. Kit Includes; Center Radiator, Hoses, Radiator Mounting Frame & Cross Bar plus all fitting screws. NOTE. This is a direct bolt on Radiator using Genuine Porsche Parts. You are buying a Radiator, hoses and Radiator Mounting Frame & Cross Bar. Important; It is your responsibility to ensure you have an adequate opening in your Front bumper to aid cooling.
    £179.99 inc VAT £149.99 ex VAT
  • Porsche Motorsport Oil & Air Separator Porsche Carrera 2/4/ C4S Boxster1999-On


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Large Duel Chamber System. Helps prevent IMS Issues and Keeps Intake System Clear from Contamination. Also Aids Constant Crank Case Pressure. A Must for any Track Focused or Fast Road Use. Engine Sizes; 2.7L 3.2L 3.4L & 3.6L ( Not for 2.5L or 3.8L) Note. Effectiveness will be directly related to Engine Condition & Millage. No Guarantee can be Given or Implyed with Motorsport products. Note. Some adaptation may be required when fitting subject to Porsche Year & Model. Not For 996/997 Turbo or GT3 Factory Models
    £923.99 inc VAT £769.99 ex VAT
  • Semi Solid Engine Mountings Porsche 964 993 996 997 TurboGT3 Boxster Cayman Pair


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    By using computer engineering and digital design STOMSKI RACING has developed the FIRST truly symmetrical 911 Semi-Solid Engine/Transmission Mount, thus allowing you to run stiffer mounts without sacrificing comfort or ride quality.  Our symmetrical design allows you to custom tune your ride- determining feel, function, and fun.  Because our SS mounts are SYMMETRICAL, you can now properly use them either as an engine mount OR inverted as a transmission mount on Boxster & Cayman models. Unlike other non-symmetrical SS mounts, there is no compromise when using SR135 inverted as a transmission mount because SR135 is symmetrical and thus FULLY supports and FULLY absorbs in BOTH positions/directions. Road tested and track proven, STOMSKI RACING's SR135 provides better shifting, better weight transfer, better handling, crisper throttle response, better acceleration, and of course GREAT looks, without any loss of comfort.  Mounting  comes complete with an  aluminium housing, stainless steel sleeve and disks spacers & a M12 Schnorr washer. Sold as 1 Pair (2x Mountings)
    £439.98 inc VAT £366.65 ex VAT
  • Spark Plug Super4 964 993 996 & 997 Carrera 1989-2009 Fits Classic Porsche


    In Stock In Stock
    Bosch Multi electrode plugs for a better spark & longer life
    £7.91 inc VAT £6.59 ex VAT
  • Throttle Body Gasket for 82mm Throttle Body & Plenum 997 991 GT3 Cup Panamera GT


    In Stock In Stock
    Fits all cars using the Turbo & GT3 78mm & 82mm Throttle Bodies.Used on EuroCupGT Throttle Body Kit. Also Cayenne & Panamera.
    £13.19 inc VAT £10.99 ex VAT