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Porsche 964 Gearbox & Transmission Upgrades 1989 to 1993

Porsche 964 - Gearbox & Transmission Upgrades - 1989 to 1993

  • 911 G50 Billet Aluminium Solid Transaxle Mount Kit G50 & Turbo & 964 1978-1991


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    These mounts are machined to exacting tolerances from premium grade billet aluminum. Uniquely designed for the 930 G50 transmissions, these high quality mounts provide for easy installation using your existing transaxle support assembly. Simply press the rubber factory mounts from the transaxle support assembly and slip these two-piece mounts in place. Anodized for years of service. as 1 Pair (2x Mountings)
    £220.00 inc VAT £183.33 ex VAT
  • 911 G50 Gearbox Link coupler adapter 1987-Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    This plated steel adapter allows our G50 Precision Shift Coupler (SR060) to simply be bolted onto the stock shift tube without having to weld or modify the tube. Unlike the stock factory coupler, when the SR060 and SR061 are combined, the shifter can be set fore and aft, as well as side to side- allowing for exact synchronization, and a custom setup. Great for both street and track.
  • 911, 964 & 993 G50 Gear Linkage Precision Coupler Kit 1986 to 1998


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    This precision shift coupler is a bolt on replacement for the factory rubber bushed couple on the G50 gearbox. This precise part requires no machining, the coupler restores crisp shifting, and will provide for accurate shifting every time. (no welding required when used with our SR061)
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • ARP Engine Block to Transmission Nut & Stud Kit All Porsche 911 1965-Onwards


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    High Tensile M10 Studs inc Starter Motor mounting stud
    £164.99 inc VAT £137.49 ex VAT
  • Clutch Kit 964 RS 993 RS 996 GT3RS 997 GT3RS 1989-2012 Single Mass Fly Wheel


    In Stock In Stock
    OEM Direct Replacement Clutch. Includes Uprated Sprung centre plate which means it can be used on All Single Mass Flywheel conversions. Note. Dose not include Release Bearing as these are vehicle specific. Standard fit for; 964RS 993RS 996 GT3 RS & Club Sport 996 GT2 997 GT3 RS 997 GT2 & GT2RS
    £824.99 inc VAT £687.49 ex VAT
  • Clutch Plate Cintre Bronze Paddle 968 964 993 996 / 997 Turbo & GT3 (240mm)


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Ideal for High performance cars Race & Rally. Fits to a standard or uprated Cover Plate & bearing 240mm Diameter ( Please check your car before Ordering ) 930 Turbo All 944 Turbo All 968 All 964 All 993 All 996 All ( inc GT3 & Turbo ) 997 All Upto 2009 ( inc GT3 & Turbo upto 2012) Boxster S Only Upto 2009
    £329.99 inc VAT £274.99 ex VAT
  • Gear Lever Selector Bush 964 & 993 Manual Gearbox 1989-1998


    In Stock In Stock
    £16.49 inc VAT £13.74 ex VAT
  • Gear Shift Coupler Ball Joint All Models 1977-1998 OE Classic Porsche Parts


    In Stock In Stock
    £76.98 inc VAT £64.15 ex VAT
  • KAAZ Limited Slip Differential 911 G50 930 Turbo 5 Speed & 964 / 993 1987-1998


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    Welcome to the KAAZ limited slip differential. Competition vehicles demand the up most from your differential and at times can push this component beyond it's boundaries. The KAAZ Limited Slip Differential is precision engineered to endure this type of "punishment". Our reliable and highly competitive differential has proven it's worthiness in professional racing vehicles all over the world. Don't settle for anything less the the industry leading KAAZ Limited Slip Differential.Fits all 911 3.2 G50 Gear Box Carrera models 1987-1989, 930 Turbo model 1989 Only with the 5 Speed gearbox, All Non turbo 964 & 993 models with the Manual Gearbox 1987 -1998
    £1,220.99 inc VAT £1,017.49 ex VAT
  • Lightweight Single Mass Flywheel fits Porsche 964 & 993 C2/C4/ RS 1989-1998


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Lightweight Flywheel for All 964 & 993 / Turbo. Flywheels Features: Direct replacement, Used with OEM clutch or Sachs performance Clutch, Lightweight for improved engine flexibility, Designed for street use for performance, Race & Rally . Weight: saving of aprox 60 -70% over the factory Duel Mass Flywheel.
    £907.50 inc VAT £756.25 ex VAT
  • Performance Clutch Plate Porsche 3.2 G50 964 993 930 944 996 & 997 Turbo GT3 RS


    In Stock In Stock
    Performance Sprung Clutch Drive Plate. Uprated for All standard & Turbo Applications. Ideal for Road & Race. 240mm Diameter. Standard Fit for; 924 & 944 Turbo, 911 3.2L G50 Carrera, 930 Turbo 3.0L & 3.3L, 964 & 993 RS, & 996 / 997 GT3 RS. Can also be used with Single Mass Flywheels on all; 968, 964, 964 Turbo, 993 & 996 / 997 Turbo Models 1974 -2012
    £239.99 inc VAT £199.99 ex VAT
  • Performance Clutch Plate Porsche 964 968 993 996 997 911 GT3 944 Turbo 1986-2012


    In Stock In Stock
    This Sachs Performance clutch disc replaces the factory clutch plate. Uprated RS type, ideal for track days and high Horse power cars. Size 240mm x 23 Spline Note. for All G50 Gearboxes & also 944 Turbo & 968 / Club Sport
    £369.59 inc VAT £307.99 ex VAT
  • RS Short Shift Additional Yoke 964 & 993 Carrera 2 1989-1998


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    £49.49 inc VAT £41.24 ex VAT
  • Sachs Performance 240mm Clutch Kit Porsche 944Turbo 968 964 993 996/7 Turbo /GT3


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    Sport driving demands the best products. Sachs have developed Power Clutch, a heavy duty organic clutch kit system with street manners & racetrack brawn. Features increased torque capacity. Pressure plates are engineered with increased clamping force & the driving disc incorporate linings with increased coefficient of friction. Kit includes Disc, Pressure Plate and Release Bearing. Note. Please use the Model Year & Model Drop down boxes in checkout when ordering. Note. Not for 996 or 997 Carrera based models.
    £1,319.99 inc VAT £1,099.99 ex VAT
  • Sachs Performance Clutch Cover Plate Porschel 964 993 996 & 997 Turbo/ GT3 & RS


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    Sachs Performance Cover for All Fast Road & Motorsport applications. Can be used with All Organic or Cinter Bronze Centre Plates
    £550.00 inc VAT £458.33 ex VAT
  • Short Shift Kit 964 & 993 B&M


    Out of Stock Out of Stock
    This shifter is engineered for the 964 & 993. Great for track days or road use. CAD designed, coupled with a short throw results in one extraordinary precision shifting system. This shifter features a stainless steel stick assembly, hand TIG welded components, accepts standard gear knob
    £434.15 inc VAT £361.79 ex VAT
  • Short Shift Kit 964 & 993 Carrera C2 / RS & 964 Turbo 1989-1998


    In Stock In Stock
    OEM Short Shift for 964 & 993 C2 Models , accepts standard gear knob, Fits all Carrera 2 Models. Not 4 Wheel Drive cars
    £175.98 inc VAT £146.65 ex VAT